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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a ray of hope for family and friends of a missing police cadet. that story in a moment. first, a line of storms moving across the state props' several severe thunderstorm warnings. >> we have had several areas up thunderstorms develop this evening. the first batch around 6:00 was mostly to our south. the second batch has been moving up near the maryland line. it started in carroll county. it is now in hartford and cecil at this stage. there are some strong winds with this. there are indications of pale, but no severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. hartford in cecil county being affected by this area of thunderstorm activity. down to the south, there is additional activity. it is way down in southern maryland. a lot of areas have missed the
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rain this evening. we will talk about the forecast for more rain and eventually less humidity. that is coming up. >> it has been three months since kelly rothwell vanished. she is originally from the baltimore area, but has been living in florida as a police cadet. >> even though there has not been any evidence, all parties expect foul play. they say it is not likely she would disappear like this. tonight, kelly's loved ones gathered to pray for her safe return. her last conversation with her sister was in mid march via text message. >> i sent her pictures of my children. she sent something back. "hi, how are things fnc id >> she never responded. >> she was originally from the baltimore area. she had been living in florida
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where she was a police cadet. she was last seen on march 13. >> she broke up with her boyfriend and was supposed to meet friends for drinks that evening. she never showed. >> according to our sister, her boyfriend left town afterward. authorities say perry is a person of interest, but has not been cooperating. this weekend, cahli's loved ones gathered at her home for a candlelight vigil. >> we wanted to remember the positive and the good that she brought to everyone's life that she touch. >> beautiful in every possible way that i can think of. >> the vigil in did with the release of balloons across campus. >> they signify lifting up the negative energy and letting go of any thing you are still holding onto.
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>> we just want her to be found. >> we need to find her. we have to do what is done appropriately. >> a $25,000 reward is available for any information. for more information, had to our website at >> city police have identified the victim of a deadly shooting in west baltimore. 25-year-old james wright was shot several times in the torso around 9:00 last night on west baltimore street. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. there is no word on a possible motive in the gunman remains at large. >> the constant drumbeat of violence motivated a group to join together at school headquarters. the message was clear -- the violence will stop when these will have -- when people have opportunities. there have been a lot of stop
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the violence rallies in baltimore over the years. last month, or a student, 12- year-old shawn johnson, was fatally shot on his porch in northeast baltimore. it was a quadruple shooting. >> i cannot just sit quietly and say he is gone but not forgotten, sing a song, and walk away. our community, the montebello community, will not be happy until we find who did it, the killer is brought to justice, and we come up with a strategic plan as a community to make sure it does not happen again because it is happening too much. >> she will organize more of these rallies. he calls this a state of emergency. >> panic is on about young people on corners, young people in gangs, young people on drugs,
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young people carrying guns. it is a panic. >> there are a lot of kids dying. we need to stop it before somebody in my family passes away. >> gathering on the steps of city school headquarters, a principal bell says it is not about money this time, especially in this economy. it has to be about something else. >> a lot of things do not cost money. at the end of the day, we cannot say there is no money because if you are invested in your community, you do what you have to do to make sure your children are safe. >> the rally was organized by a number of groups including the safe and sound campaign. jfx was shut down because of an accident involving a police cruiser. it happened at 1:00 this afternoon at the cold spring
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lane exit. two vehicles were involved a officer was hit in the southbound lane. no serious injuries were important. in anne arundel county police officer and two others are recovering after a routine traffic stop. sergeant chief clark was injured when a pickup truck rammed into the back of the cruiser. it happened just after 11:00 friday night. the officer was treated at a nearby hospital for non-life threatening injuries. a pedestrian was also hurt during the incident. he remains in critical condition. five people have been rescued after a 50-foot vessel hit a buoy. the vessel it struck the buoy and started to sink near port mchenry around 7:00 last night. fire crews rescued all five people on board. fortunately, no one was hurt.
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a glen burnie man is dead after a boating accident. a 50 do it -- a 52-year-old man and five others were thrown into the water when their boat capsized this morning. the victim was rushed to the office where he died. officials say none of the people on board the boat were wearing life jackets. emails from sarah palin budget for 21 months as governor of alaska show that she eyed the vice-presidential nomination months before john mccain after to join the ticket. a longtime aide said she was sent details about a and's plan to repeal the fuel tax. pailin has said the emails were not for public consumption and once they could be taken out of context as he ponders a presidential run. >> there seems to be almost a paranoia about keeping her communication private. >> the 24,000 pages of emails showed she was involved closely
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in the day-to-day business of governor while dealing with the increasing pressures that came with the rise to prominence. congressman anthony wiener is asking for a tipperary leave of absence -- absence. -- temporary leave of absence. he w to be evaluated and work out a course of treatment. the statement does not say what he would be treated for. it comes a day after he denied having any inappropriate online contact with a 17-year-old from delaware. nancy pelosi says he needs help and should get it without the pressures of being a member of congress. among those calling for his resignation are chris van hollen. why flames are not the worst threat in the arizona wildfire. a couple of beehive hairdos and pink flamingos could only mean one thing -- honfest 2011.
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first, another witness takes the stand in the trial of casey anthony. >> there may be another half-day event tomorrow before we see some relief. we will have the forecast coming up. north east of the city, there is some rain. over town, partly cloudy. over town, partly cloudy. 75
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>>, or wins have slowed the wildfires in california. -- comparecal -- calmer winds have slowed the wildfires in arizona. advest are recommended for outdoor exposure. at 10,000 people have been evacuated from the area. another expert took the stand today in the casey anthony murder trial. he said he found in sex in the trunk of anthony's that are in thely found --incsects truck of anthony's car that are commonly found with dead bodies. he says evidence is consistent with a body being in the truck.
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>> the insects are associated with the different biochemicals and biochemistry of a body decomposing. there are different insect groups coming in and feeding at that particular time. >> the defense maintains that caylee accidently drowned in her grandparents probably swimming pool. >> the biggest of their dues in the palest of flamencos. plus, you like for areas soldiers wounded in combat. how these wounded warriors face the challenges of the underwater world and the group that made it all possible. >> here in the city, we watched rain go to our south. we'll see what happens later on we'll see what happens later on tonight and a city that's been inspiring ideas and innovation
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>> several wounded veterans visited the underwater world at the national aquarium. they are taking disabled scuba. the program aims to improve the lives of disabled soldiers by diving. it has given them amazing opportunities. >> it got me out of the hospital and doing stuff. right now, i am and advanced divert through them.
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i want to be a master diver. that is the goal. >> more than 50 species of fish plus stingrays and sharks fill the tank. it all went well. >> now, your forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> we really needed some rain, but the storms moving through the past couple of days have done small areas here and there. a lot of us have not gotten the rain that we need. there is a little storm -- a little severe storm activity. the storms are not quite as strong now, but we have storm cells. there could be a little hail or strong gusty winds as it moves to the east at 35 miles per hour. this little storm cell in the northeast corner of the state. when will pull the view back and
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there are two areas of storms in the mid atlantic region. one is down to our south at the mouth of the chesapeake bay. the squall line has become more organized now. you have an area near the south -- south of annapolis. everything in between missed out on the rain this evening. we still have a rain chance is coming our way in the next 24 hours. we are not done yet. the high was 77 and the low was 71. a trace of rain. there is a problem with the equipment at the harbor. they are not reporting. 73 in salzburg. 73 at westminster. you can see the cooler air in new england and up in the great lakes. the border between new england's cool air and us is the warm front. off to the west, that is the
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cold front coming in. we are in this warm, humid wedge in our area. here are those two areas of storms. this satellite picture shows partly cloudy or clear in between. here is the warm front -- here is the cold front. the potential -- to drop the potential for rain, we need the cold front to move through. that will happen sometime tomorrow. for the time being, overnight tonight and for a piece of tomorrow, we will continue to be in this tropical, muggy air mass. storms will probably take off a bit. 66 to 70 the overnight low. 89 tomorrow. things will start late -- probably start taping -- things will probably start tapering off tomorrow evening. southeast winds at 5 knots in
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the bay. then we take a look at the futurecast. here is the front coming in on sunday. that will be the last of the rain chances and then we dry out as we go into next week. some rain chances. pretty nice on monday. seven day forecast -- here is the monday, tuesday, with a forecast -- very nice. another rain chance on thursday and friday. >> the threat of thunderstorms could not stop others from showing up to honfest 2011. it is the 17th annual event. honfest is all about community spirit. >> honfest is celebrating all things great and wonderful about baltimore. hon is in your heart. hons have all parts as big as or
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beehive. >> the festival runs until tomorrow. >> it is kind of funny. a heartbreaker for the orioles. so many chances to win this game. the defense, not so good. we will show you what went wrong. >> good evening. tonight, your jackpot is a guaranteed $20 million. tonight your multiplier is the number 3.
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>> the orioles were hope to reach the 500 mark. the orioles could not hang on against tampa bay. it was a long night. trailing 3-0, the birds came back reynolds does it again. a two-run blast. reynolds now has 12 homers to lead the team. in the seventh, harvey crushes 12 left. he goes back and leaps and makes the catch. robb's party of the home run. in the top of the night, a drive to left. he dives but cannot make the
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catch. he is flying. he is in with a triple. that ties the game up at 5. we go to the 11th inning. had four doubles and a triple. he will score the go-ahead run. tampa bay wins 7-5 in 11. red sox and blue jays. third inning, adrian gonzalez getting started. a double to the court makes it 1-0. this is dustin padroya. he goes the opposite way. 5-0. in the fifth, boston puts up a seven spot. david ortiz makes a free run jack.
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every boston starter had at least one rbi. the belmont stakes was supposed to be a showdown between animal kingdom and shackleford. animal kingdom was never a factor. a muddy track contributed to a poor start. animal kingdom loses his footing. velazquez is almost all of the worst. it was an exciting finish with the long shot winning the race. >> roller on ice -- down to the wire. ruler on ice has has -- has won the belmont stakes. >> that makes it three straight years a different horse has won each of the triple crown races. animal kingdom was sixth. tiger woods will not be at the u.s. open, but his caddie will be. they will caddy for his friend, adam scott.
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williams is a smart guy. he asked tiger's permission before taking the bag for scott. check this out. the audi collides with the red ferrari. he ran up the embankment and crashed into the wall. his car flipped over. his crew obviously worried. he got out of the car and walked away without any injury. what a spectacul crash that was. john collins is back with the john collins is back with the seven day
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a little bit north, a little bit south, nothing in the middle. we start with rain and afternoon thundershowers. it will be warm and humid. only around 80 on monday. monday and tuesday, great days. wednesday, not bad. thursday and friday, will take another shot for some much- needed rain. >> thank you for joining us. saturday night live is next. have a great night. >> follow breaking news at any time at up next on every channel and website, it's the new talk show "duh, winning" with charlie sheen. ♪ ♪ it's time for "duh, winning" with charlie sheen ♪


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